Saturday, September 26, 2009

Welcome to Greener Warren!

The PV solar panels are installed on my roof, and the electrical hookup should be completed next week. I plan to use this blog to explain the steps I've taken to get to this point and describe the results of my energy conservation efforts. Watch for more details.

Picture caption: The crew from Dovetail Solar and Wind install the 3.2 kW photovoltaic array, 16 Sharp Model 198V PV modules, September 2009.


  1. Congratulations on getting your solar panels up - they look great! Richie and I would like to get some solar panels on our house someday. We look forward to hearing how your project progresses!

  2. Hey Dave - this is a really great accomplishment - you are living your personal philosophy. And as a side - I hope your efforts change some minds about solar energy in NE Ohio. Good talking with you this evening - always nice to catch up on things - have a good week!

  3. what an inspiration for others to do this. hopefully this is in the near future for many.